This page is designed to provide resources for preparation for the AP Exam. 
If you come across helpful items in your studying, email them to me and I may add them to this page..

What you should ask yourself every time you read or watch some factual information is:
"Do I get what this is really all about" or "How does this tie in to what I have already learned" 
If you cant answer either of these questions, then you should come see me for clarification.

Links to Cool Resources :

AP Exam is on Monday May, 11 at 8:00AM

Here are some Review tools:  lots of questions for free... (More if you pay)

Campbells online quizes (your textbook)

Short response samples (these are good examples of the newer style of written responses)

Varsity tutors (this is a "pay to play" with many questions to use) *Also offers an app for your phone..

** If you simply Google: "AP Biology practice questions"

You will get gobs of other good resources. 

 Here's the catch:  YOU HAVE TO DO IT! and it takes real time...

So start now and begin your time budgeting immediately