Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.

Albert Einstein

Some important items for you:

Extra help
 : 7:00 AM every day
                   After school by appt.
You should at least read every night. And should expect some written work to be necessary most nights.

Make up
: You have the number of days you were out to make up any missed work. UNLESS it is an activity (lesson, sports, club) that caused your absence. No extra time for those...

This is a college class.  You should display responsibility for yourself and respect for your colleagues (including me).

The only class rule
No inappropriate behavior...

 ** Note, this is under construction**

Below is my "go catch a fish" fish...

It is a Blue Marlin that we estimated to be 500 pounds (based on length) 

I caught it 95 miles South East of the Manasquan inlet in New Jersey on July 30th 2015.

The fish is a "top predator" in the open ocean.

They'll eat anything that they can swallow (and catch).  This guy ate a skirted Ballyhoo (pictured below) trolled behind my boat.

 Due Date(s)
Summer Assignment
 First day of school
 Course syllabus
  For Weds 
 Cover book
 You may take a picture of it for proof, otherwise bring it in.
For Weds 
 Kaibob deer population packet
 Lab population activity
classwork 9/10
 Review powerpoint on Ecology and take notes in your notebook to study from
  "New and improved" Ecology Powerpoint
 Friday 9/11
 Population growth and Ecology worksheets
 Given to you Friday
(this is math stuff that is best learned by you on your own... Do the practice problems and ask for help Tues if you struggle)
Due Tue 9/15
 Read Ecology chapters... 52, 53, 54,55
 Write notes in notebook with vocab hilighted
52-53 by Tues 9/15
get access to your on-line text HERE (You need to register a user name and password)
   This is our access code: SSNAST-STOUP-SKELF-TURVY-GABBY-CANES
Use this as you like...
 Finishing Ecology (chaps 54, 55)
 **shooting for overall Ecology test (all chapters) by early next week**
Chap 2 vocab list
All bold words in the chapter
Weds 9/30
 Chap 2/3 Quest
 Bonding, atomic structure etc...
 Chapter 4 and 5
 Functional groups/ Macromolecules
 Molecular model building
 here's what we do in lab

Chapter (2,3)4&5 test Thursday
This will be great!
 Chapter 6 cell structures
 Notes on organelles and cell coloring
 Microscope work Weds/Fri
  Read and study chap 7 before Monday lab
 Chapter 7 Membrane
Osmosis lab Monday 10/26
 Cell test (ch 6 and 7)
 Know cell organelle and functions and Membrane transport etc... (memb prot.)
 Chapter 10  *New And Improved PPT
Click to edit text
  Photosynthesis Virtual Lab
  Follow this link and do ALL 4  of the online activities.  Print out, complete, hand in...
  Due Weds 11/18
 Chap 8-9 Powerpoint here.
 Test Friday 11/14
  Respiration lab 
 Chapter 11 Cell Communication
 This is a cool, intense, cutting-edge chapter...
 Week of 12/1-5
 Cool cell communication video
 Chapter 12 
 Mitosis will be tested with Cell Communication
Weds 12/16
 Gamete formation (meiosis) video
virtual fly lab LINK
(Do at home, we'll go over Weds 1/6)
Finish up Corn Genetics lab questions
For 1/6   (with new data)
Meiosis and Genetics Test
*Genetics problems are review for this test
Chapter 16 DNA 
Structure, replication, and History 
Chapter 17
Protein synthesis (transcription and translation)
Done by:
Weds 1/20 
 Ch18. sections 1,2,and 4
 Gene regulation notes
 Chapter 20 Notes on Biotechnology
 See the PPT on this one... 

 Midterm exam review
Exams are done! 
NOW, it's time to REALLY prepare for that test I was telling you about... It is on chapters 16,17,18 and 20 (not 19)
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  Join the AP Bio Gizmos Classroom
  Go to this site:
Create a username and Password
(record your password !!! )
 We'll do the building DNA Gizmo in class as a warm up to the site..
Evolution Chapters
22, 23, 24, and 25
All have a PPT to enjoy...
Click to edit text
Watch this!
 Phylogenetics (taxonomy and naming)
Chapter 26
 This sets the stage for going through the organisms and then we cover a few human systems... and we'll be done and ready to review for the AP Exam!!!
Click to edit text
 Protists Chapter 28 
  We'll test on Thursday this week (Bact and Protists)
 Here's a hoakie amoeba movie
 (worth 2 minutes of watching)
 Use this with caution and be sure to understand what it has in it...
 Virtual Transpiration Lab
 Here it is,,, 
 Vacation watching
 Watch one, or all of these over vacation... Prepare to prove that you did...
 Print these out and fill in using text
 By Monday 4/20
 Monday animal test
 The Chordata and human systems PPTs are on the notes and powerpoints page...
 Note that the AP Exam requires :  Nervous, endocrine, and Immune system.  There are a few other topics on the "Human Systems" PPT that I think are important to understanding these three topics
  Get SOME of this done over the weekend of 4/25
 I have updated the human systems Powerpoint... 
 See it here
Final exam breakdown: 
 Circulatory /Respiratory systems