"It's us against Biology, not me against you"
I am here to help you... USE ME !

Some important items for you:

Extra help
: 7:00 AM every day
                   After school by appt.
You should at least read every night. And should expect some written work to be necessary most nights.

Make up
: You have the number of days you were out to make up any missed work. UNLESS it is an activity (lesson, sports, club) that caused your absence. No extra time for those...

This is a college class.  You should display responsibility for yourself and respect for your colleagues (including me).

The only class rule
No inappropriate behavior...

 ** Note, this is under construction**

 Due Date
Read chapter 1 (just read)
  Monday 9/9
 Chap 1 (Big Book) notes packet. Use Powerpoint for this...
 Bring to class
  Chapter 2 Sections 1,2,3,4,6.
 (take your first notes from the text on this)
  Tues 9/10
  Checking notes / Questions
 Chapter 2 completed (finish the chapter notes)
 Thursday 9/12
  Answer all TYK and TAS pp.30-31
   9/12 also
  Separate from notes but in same NB
 Chapter 3 notes
  Do a few sections each night and study as much as you are able...
Chap 2 test (earlier, now...)
**There will be a few questions from the chapter 1 packet...
Tuesday 9/17
 Please study a little bit each night
 Chapter 3 test will be the following week
 9/24 (ish)
  Depends on progress in class
  Water properties lab packet done by group (not individual)
  Just describe your property and experiment in lab notebook. (individ)
 Chapter 3 notes on organic chemistry should now be done by Thursday, the questions at end of chap will be checked Friday
 For the weekend: Compile a list of the functions of each of the organic molecules' functions (there may be numerous)
ALSO>> Begin chapter 4 on cells notes
 You should recognize tsome of the cell chapter...
 "Organic Chem Test" 
 9/26 (thurs)
 All of chapter 3 in our book. Feel free to check out the chapter 4 powerpoint on the resources page
 Cellular structure (know the functions of all the organelles)
 Chapter 4 should be a review for you of organelles. Know them and ask q's in class about them. Intro to microscope lab...
 Cell membrane transport (section 12-16 of chap 5)
 Your lab will be Osmosis next week.
 Test on chapters 4 and 5 (of your book)
 10/10 (thurs.)
 Cell parts and Cell functions on this test...
 Osmosis Lab (Lab 1)
 Period 2 10/3
Period 7  10/5
 Answer and fill in sections A,B,C,D then design experiment with lab-mates
 Osmosis inquiry
 Mon 10/7
 Bring supplies  and be ready to execute your labs.
 Chap 6.1-6.6 
 tues 10/15
 This begins the respiration stuff..
 Chap 6.7- Photosynthesis
 By Thurs 10/17
 Look to finish Respiration by Friday (Photosynth next week)
 Enzyme lab Weds / Monday
 Weds for period 2 
Monday for per 7
 Full "Gold Standard" lab due 1 week after lab completion 
 10/23 Per3
10/25 Per7
  Watch these vids:  
  Before the test...
  These are some good ones...
 Watch this to help you with the Respiration Lab..
 Before your next lab..
 Respiration lab posters 
 Monday 11/4
 Presentations then Mitosis lab...
 Mitosis / Meiosis  Some vids below, see my powerpoint on ch 12...
Mitosis    Meiosis
 Weds 11/6
 Both processes should be mastered by then... 
 Chapter 8 notes done, 1-10 TYK and 1 TAS
 Weds 11/6
 Checking for last MP grade...
 Chapter 9 until Thanksgiving break...
 tues 11/26
 Genetics test
 For Friday
 Genetics packets all week
 Test on chapter9 Tuesday 11/26
 Practice, practice...
Watch tutorials, do problems, read text and ask questions!
 Linkage mapping lecture (Mass. Institute of Technology)

 Watch this over the weekend
 MIT Biology class lecture 
this stuff is good... get a cup of coffee before watching!
 Molecular basis of inheritance = ch 16 in big book (PPTs)
 over Thanksgiving break...
 Over break, squeeze in some DNA structure :-)
 Part two of our chapter 9 is chap 17 in Big Book... Protein Synthesis.
 By Friday 12/6
 Check out podcasts and animations on-line 
  Viruses and Bacteria...
Read 10.17 to end (notes) See "Viruses & Bacteria PPT" in resources
  By Weds 12/18
 Biotechnology Chap 20 and 21 in Big Book.   Watch My PPTS on these chapters.
 A biotech test will be on Friday 1/17

 Lambda DNA restriction cleavage and analysis Lab
 See this Virtual Lab
 Midterm exam review Print this yourself and complete for Tuesday
 Watch "What Darwin Never Knew" and answer the worksheet that comes with it... Here's the worksheet...
 By Monday 2/3
 Invite your parents to watch it with you...
 Evolution Test
 Chapter 15 and 16 will be next unit
Origin of life 
Earth history
Bacteria & Protists
 16.1-10 for Monday... Do through sevtion 20 for Tues. if snow on Mon
 Pray for no snow :-(
 Chap 15-16 test Thurs
 Notes for chap 17 due Monday
 Plant "Diversity"
 Plant Micro-anatomy Lab 
 3/17 and 3/19
 Series of drawings with detailed labels...
 The Private Lives of Plants... Best of Attenborough
 Watch it !!!
 Plant Microanatomy Lab Practical Exam
 Come look at slides...
Mon PM or Tues AM
 Plant test Momday
 Multiple chapters
 Animals! We'll use this site in class "Wayne's World"
 AP Diagnostic test (provided by me) 
 You MUST study the stuff that doesn't come quickly (diagnostic)
 Finishing up animals (Chordata)
 Human Anatomy 

 Research Project:
You and your partner(s)  ...3 students-max... Will research and create a movie clip that will be stitched together in the studio.  This will create an episode of "Bio TV" which will air on our public television station. 
 Scripts due Thursday 5/29  Filming will begin this day!
We will work on scripts Tues and Weds after Memorial day weekend.
 I have the TV studio booked for Thurs 5/29
Fri 5/30, Thurs 6/5, and Fri 6/6