First semester PPT's are brown buttons

Second semester ones are beige...

This is a warning to YOU:

Don't get hit with the sudden lightning bolt realization that you aren't ready for the AP Exam.  

There is TOO MUCH INFORMATION at your fingertips (in my humble opinion)...

Why? Because, we all think to ourselves that since it's all "right there" like, in an outline, Powerpoint, Podcast... whatever, we don't need to do the old fashioned "study thing". 

Please don't allow yourself to be lulled into this delusion.  Use the resources at your fingertips to HELP you learn the material, but be careful to be sure that you can both understand it and generate answers for yourself. 

Read the textbook, write your own notes, answer questions on the AP site, in your review book, and in the text, WITHOUT JUST LOOKING IT UP!  That is the mistake we make.  You will only be able to do this by working a little each day.  There is no way that cramming actually works.  That is a fact .  

Also, be sure to ask me (or another AP teacher) questions when things don't make sense to you. Just hearing it another way often makes connections happen in our brains.