Nature always wears the colors of the spirit.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Shipley's class rules:

1. No inappropriate behavior

2. Be nice to everyone in class


Shipley's Bio Class 

Grand Cascapedia River  Quebec,CA

 Due Date
Cover Textbook
  You may bring in a picture of your covered book (be sure to make it visible that it is your bio book)
 Chapter 1 
 For all 3 sections; read, write notes for, and do a vocab list of all black bold words in the chapter.
 Lab Safety Sheet
 Review and sign  WITH PARENT / GUARDIAN
 Lab safety quiz
 Be prepared
 Chap 2 sect 1
  take notes and answer the review Q's
** Celebrating the holiday? let me know and take an extra day if you need**
 Design an experiment lab
 You and your partners will be responsible for designing and executing a controlled experiment. 
 One is for class, The other is for you!
Chapter 1-2 test
  Scientific method, properties of life, themes of Bio and graphing
 Cell coloring
 Create a list of organelles and their functions from the coloring pages (both Plant and Animal cells)
Chapter 6 the cell
Ch 6 cell notes 
  Photo Resp
  Respiration videos for you to watch... WATCH THEM!
Cell Division powerpoint
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 Cell division
 Chapter 34 
 Biomes and basic Ecology
  Meiosis and genetics
Mitosis/meiosis (ch 9) tie into Genetics (ch10)..
Will be on the Ecology test... As of 10/9 both period 5&7 should be finished with 34 and 36... we'll do 35 next week and have a test either at the end of next or the beginning of the following week.
 Genetic disorder project
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Nutrient cycling
Packet with a bunch of questions on the front... Answer the questions ;-)
 Ch11 sect 1,2,and 3
 DNA structure, replication and Protein synthesis
 Biome Map
Heres one already colored Biome Map 
  Biome Pamphlet
 Midterm review Packet...
 Join your Biology class on Gizmos!
 Go to this webpage: 
Class Code is :
BGRT442QZB  (is case sensitive)
Create your username and Password AND SAVE IT!!!
 Make DNA ... 
 Go to my Gizmos page and do the "Building DNA" activity...
 DNA Replication Videos
 Watch this! (many times)
  Protein Synthesis Videos
 Cracking the code of life 
 Here's the video  Here is the worksheet                                   
 History of evolution
 Evolution timeline animation  Use this for the timeline worksheet (finish at home..)
 Bacteria and Viruses
 Chapter 16 
Chapter review due Wednesday 4/1 
 Bacteria quiz
 Chapter 17  
 David Attenborough project