The rocky coast of Maine has a seasonal bonanza of marine life.

 Due Date
Summer Assignment
 Go to the beach, Take a selfie there, bring a jar of sand with you to class on the first day.  Enjoy!
 September 4, 2014
 Cover book
 9/8 Monday
  What is marine science
  read chap 1
  9/9 Tues
 Chapter 1 and 2 completed 
 Notes from book and class complete
 by Tues 9/16
 Chap 3 notes 
 If you celebrate Rosh .... (can't spell) Please get to this before the holiday
 by Fri 9/25
 Hurricane Sandy Project
 Library fri. mon.tues
Hurricane Sandy Project Assignment Description & Rubric
 due Weds 9/23
 Chapter 5 notes
 Chap 5 is about Microbes (bact, protists)
 weds 10/29
 Conservation organizations project
  Monday 10/17
Semester 2 MP 3
 Welcome to Marine Bio!
 Syllabus (course outline)
 Course requirements
 Week one work Science of Marine Biology
 Chapter one is a quickie (Scientific method etc)
Go to the link to the right if you haven't yet found my powerpoints...
  Chapter 1 PPT
 NOAA Project
 Chapter 1 notes
 checking notes after NOAA presentations
 friday 2/6
 Chapter 2 Seafloor
 We'll be working on this up to the winter break
Recall the concept of Plate Tectonics
 Seafloor Project
 Short presentation with a poster 
 Thursday 2/26
  Hurricane Sandy Project Assignment Description & Rubric
 You may have one partner (if you choose)
  Mon 3/16
 Invertebrate Marine Biology
  (The coolest group of animals) See my Chap 7 PPT
  beginning ot MP 4
 Invertebrate project
 Amazing cuttlefish video
 Watch the rest of this video (started in class)
 Fish Project
 Ecosystem Project 
 Description and rubric
 Shark dissection questions
 Due Weds 5/20
 Ecosystem Project (lesson)
 Atlantic Salmon Federation article on sustainability of Greenland's Salmon fishing practices