The oceans are the dominant feature of our planet.  They can be placid producers of food and temperature regulation, or they can change landscapes with their fury (Superstorm Sandy, above)

Read this please:
Marine Bio is an elective for people who really want to learn about the oceans.
You should be prepared to work for your good grade...

Homework assignments are usually over 2 or 3 days and projects are common.

Above all else, I want you to enjoy your experience in here and to take away both knowledge and appreciation for the "briney depths"

Please feel free to come in for extra help any morning from 7:00 or in the afternoons by appointment if after 3:00

 Due Date
 Cover book
 Syllabus (course outline)
 Course requirements
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Marine Bio Gizmos Web-classroom
 Week one work Science of Marine Biology
 Chapter one is a quickie (Scientific method etc)
Go to the link to the right if you haven't yet found my powerpoints...
 NOAA Project
 Chapter 1 notes
 checking notes after NOAA presentations
 Chapter 2 Seafloor
Read by Monday 9/21  Doing in class thurs/fri.
Here's the documentary we started on Weds
 Google Oceans Webquest
  Hurricane Sandy Project Assignment Description & Rubric
 You may have one partner (if you choose)
no paper
  Basic Biology.. Chapter 4  
  This should be review for all, but I need us to all be  "up to speed"
 Bring in some pond water for Monday 
  See the powerpoint for ch 4
  David Attenborough
 Invertebrate project
 Amazing cuttlefish video
 Watch the rest of this video (started in class)
 Fish Project
 Ecosystem Project 
 Description and rubric
 Shark dissection questions
 Ecosystem Project (lesson)
 Atlantic Salmon Federation article on sustainability of Greenland's Salmon fishing practices
 Conservation organizations project