Nature always wears the colors of the spirit.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Shipley's class rules:

1. No inappropriate behavior

2. Be nice to everyone in class


Shipley / Britton Bio Class 

Grand Cascapedia River  Quebec,CA

 Due Date
Thank You
For your patience in waiting for me to return from medical leave! I'm glad to be back...
Cell Transport
Use this for 7.3
Do the "Diffusion" and "Osmosis" Gizmo
Submit quiz by Weds 11/17
Photosynthesis and Respiration
 Book template ... 
  basic chem and water
 Enzyme lab
 Cell coloring
  Cellular energetics
 ATP and Respiration
 Respiration Lab
 Midterm review Packet...
 Ch11 sect 1,2,and 3
 Chapter 11 test
 Saint Baldricks = Bald Shipley
  Evolution test
 History of evolution
 Bacteria and Viruses
 Bacteria quiz
 Vacation Videos
 Protist homework
 David Attenborough project