This is a shot of the Delaware River near New Hope, PA 

Our dogs: Millie on the left, and Mook on the right are our current rescues which are both Pit Bull mixes.  Best dogs we've ever had after nothing but labs.  Full of love, trainable and mellow!

Millie is a dachshund / pitbull 

Mook has Husky, Pitbull, Chow, and Lab

They were both in "Kill Shelters" in South Carolina.

If your in the market for a dog (or puppy) check out this place:

Lulu's Rescue  

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All life depends on the conditions of it's habitat... (that includes us)

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This Is Cool! 
I was able to see YES in concert this summer (4th row)... Tell your parents.
Here's a vid I got of this really old guy (67), Steve Howe, playing a sweet Gibson Les Paul.
Enjoy.  If you cant make it through the whole song, skip to 8:28 to hear his guitar solo that completely kicks butt!
(way better than the junk you all listen to, these days)

Below are some pictures from the Taiga or Coniferous forest in Canada.  There is a delicate balance of Plants , Animals, Fungi, Protists and Bacteria.  
Any class you are taking with me should culminate in you having deep understanding of the significance of each of those organism types.  

Your Biology teacher likes to do artwork too (when he gets the chance)